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5 Morning Habits (That will Set You Up for Success)

Whether you're a morning Pretty Boss or not, establishing a morning routine with healthy habits has many benefits. From a clearer mind to a healthier body, starting your day in the best way possible can set you up for success. Here are five, morning habits you can start today!

Establish a beneficial morning routine

1. Don't hit snooze. Girl, we've all been there: the alarm goes off, and we hit the snooze button once (or twice or three times!), saying that we just need five more minutes. Next thing we know, we open our eyes and we got about four-five seconds (in our best Rihanna voice) to make it out of the door if we want to get to work on time! Solution? Remove the temptation to hit snooze by either setting your phone across the room before you go to bed (so that you have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off), or getting an app that forces you to solve a puzzle, play a game, or snap a #selfie in order to quiet the alarm.

2. Renew Your Spirit. By Wednesday morning that amazing sermon from Sunday morning service has worn off. You have to take ownership of your peace. Yesterday is done, let it go. Time to focus on what is ahead of you. Morning inspirations, gospel music, affirmations, meditation, and prayer are some great ways to get you in the right headspace to tackle the day with a positive attitude and motivation. Remember positive affirmations and words equal positive actions!

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”

Focus on what lies ahead

3. Nourish your body. Our bodies need hydration after hours of no water, so drinking a glass of water soon after waking up is essential. And don't forget breakfast! Giving you energy for the day, it really is the most important meal of the day! I prefer smoothies because I get a high source of nutrients from kale and spinach and it makes me feel like I accomplished something before I start my day (ie. avoiding my go-to Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich). My favorite smoothie has spinach, pineapples, a green apple, and almond milk. Not a smoothie girl? Other quick and easy meals are eggs and toast (or the trendy avocado on toast), granola energy bites, or pre-made breakfast burritos.

4. Move your body. Like we've mentioned in the Pretty Boss Guide to a Fit Life, it's important to take care of our bodies and make them a priority. Wake up your body and jump-start your day by doing a quick morning warm-up or stretch. If you want to really get your day off on the right foot, crank up some Beyonce or Cardi B to not only get the circulation going in your body, but it will surely put you in that Pretty Boss mood! You can also get your day started with the Pretty Boss Workout Playlist

5 morning habits that will set you up for success

5. Plan your day. Every day, I write down my goals for the day. This includes personal and professional goals that I want to accomplish. As I complete them, I check them off and it makes me feel accomplished. Knowing exactly what you need to do each day helps you to plan accordingly and make wise use of your time. I also itemize what I plan to accomplish in a day just in case I get sidetracked by an employer or a personal emergency. When I am finally able to focus again, my list always helps gets me back on track. Try tackling the biggest to-do's for the day first so that you end the day feeling like you've been productive.

Adding these five habits to your morning routine will ensure that you're starting your days on the right foot and setting yourself up for success. Remember, little by little progress each day can lead to major improvements in your life! And that's #PrettyBoss!



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