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Side Hustle Highlight: Lauren Prather

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

“My biggest start up cost was time."

Hello Pretty Bosses! Meet Lauren Prather, a doctoral student in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Cincinnati. She has been a student for a little over a year, and still finds time to make money while pursuing her degree! #ThatsPrettyBoss

We sat down with Lauren to learn more about her side hustle and how she manages it all:

What is your side hustle? What made you want start your business?

My side hustle is a contract speech pathologist (SLP). I wanted to start this because I truly love my career and wanted to maintain my skills as a clinician while being a student.

What were the start up costs associated with your additional source of income?

One of my biggest cost is time. The balance between working on research, completing assignments, supervising and working. Fortunately, I already had many materials from being a full time SLP. The beauty of my career is items can be made or common objects can be used depending on your population and their goals. I would say one of the most costly materials are the assessments used for diagnosis; those prices often exceed $200. However, you can always write stuff off on your taxes when it’s applied to your business.

How do you manage work life balance?

Planners and Calendars! I have learned to schedule everything. School and work deadlines come natural to me; however, I value my family, friend, and ME time, so I make sure to plan those out as well. If I do not schedule time with friends and family I run the risk of forgetting a special event or letting someone down because I got caught up in work

What advice would you give to other Pretty Bosses looking to follow in your path?

There’s so much advice to share; however, here are few right on the top of my heart that I am doing and learning.

  1. Always pray over your pursuits before, during, and after the process. Trusting in God’s Plan will be your foundation and stronghold.

  2. It is okay to have butterflies about your pursuits. However, make sure to keep those butterflies positive to power your goals/dreams.

  3. It’s ok to say “No.” Although it sounds harsh at times and we want to be so giving, it is not healthy to overwork or overbook ourselves especially when your schedule is already busy. It can and will drive you crazy.

  4. Schedule ME time. I have learned to schedule “Pamper Me Pink” days once a week or often. This is where I take quality time out for myself whether it’s a massage, nails, dinner, or just sleeping. It allows for your body to recharge, a chance to come up with new ideas, or to just breathe from your busy schedule.

We are so grateful that Lauren took the time to share with us what makes her #PrettyBoss. Learn more about what she does you can reach her at the following handles:

  • Let's Talk Therapy: lttnow.com

  • Instagram: @nbaslh

  • Facebook: National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing

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