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Side Hustle Highlight: Britney Turner

“Remembering why you started will always motivate you!”

Hello Pretty Bosses! Meet Britney Turner, a Human Resources Professional. Britney is also the CEO of EVO Cosmetics, a vegan-friendly nail and gel polish line based in Houston, TX. She started the business to provide quality polish to the forever evolving girl. #ThatsPrettyBoss

We sat down with Britney to learn more about her side hustle and how she manages it all!

What were the startup costs associated with your additional source of income?

“$7,000 startup cost. Quality costs money!”

How do you manage work life balance?

“Prioritizing is key. Remembering why you started your business will always motivate you. I can’t stop because proving the doubters wrong is an objective [for me].”

What advice would you give to other Pretty Bosses looking to follow in your path?

“Follow your heart. Remember, God gave YOU the vision, so you can’t expect the blind to see what only God opened your eyes to see. Move in silence; it’s better that way. Keep pushing because it will pay off after while!”

We are so grateful that Britney took the time to share with us what makes her #PrettyBoss. If you are a creative or good at administrative activities Britney is need of a videographer, Intern, web designer! Learn more about what she does you can reach her at the following handles:

· www.theevobrand.com

· IG- @evocosmetics

· Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/evocosmetics/?ref=br_rs

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